The most important voice in this process is yours!

A major focus of districting is drawing boundaries that respect neighborhood borders. And the best definition of a neighborhood is "whatever the people who live there say are their neighborhood borders." So the City Council is asking you to share your thoughts on the borders of your neighborhood, and on every other element of this districting project.

Share your thoughts at a Meeting
As with any issue before the City Council, you can attend and/or testify at a hearing, or encourage the Council to vote yes or no on any part of this process by simply coming to any of the public hearings on this topic (schedule posted here).

Ask your Questions and share your thoughts with the team
The City's demographic consultant is available to answer any questions you have about the process, the schedule, the draft maps, or how to draw your own map. 

And you do not have to wait for a meeting to weigh in: you can call, email or write our demographic consultants to share your thoughts or ask any questions at any time:

Dr. Douglas Johnson and Dr. Justin Levitt
National Demographics Corporation (NDC)
Mail: PO Box 5271, Glendale, CA 91221
Phone or Fax: 818-254-1221

Any opinions and map suggestions you share will be passed along to the entire City Council for its consideration.

Draw your own Map
Districting is an unusual issue: instead of simply urging the Council to vote yes or no on a given map, you can take the next step and draw and submit your own map for the Council to consider. Use any of the tools the City's demographic consultant has prepared to draw and submit your map, or simply draw your map on any map or sheet of paper and send it in. Every map received, in any format, will be processed by the City's demographic consultant and presented to the Council, complete with professional map and full demographic analysis, for its consideration.

Review the Proposed Maps
As maps are drawn and posted here, residents are encouraged to review the maps, evaluate what you consider good and bad about each map, and to share those thoughts with the City's demographic consultants and, ultimately, with the Council. Remember that the draft maps are only a starting point. Revisions, combinations, and other changes are not only possible but in fact expected as this process moves forward.

Learn More About the California Voting Rights Act
A Facebook group maintained by our demographic consultants (National Demographics Corporation, or NDC) tracks all of the legislation, litigation, and election system changes associated with that law. You can find that group here. If you are not on Facebook, or if you seek information about the law's language and the history of its adoption, NDC has additional information about the law here on its website.

Help Spread the News
You can download, print and share with your neighbors and friends the City's informational handout about the California Voting Rights Act and the City's options. It is available in English and Spanish.