Project-Related Documents 

Click on the links below to review reports, flyers and other project-related documents. Documents will open in a separate browser window:

  1. City Council August 16th meeting agenda, agenda report, consultant presentation (coming soon), meeting video.
  2. Council-adopted resolution on map-drawing criteria
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  4. Community Forum meeting information flyer
  5. Community Forum presentation
  6. Map showing concentrations of renters vs owner-occupied housing
  7. Redlands 1989 district map and demographics
  8. Redlands 1991 district map and demographics
  9. Redlands 1993 district map and demographics
  10. Q & A from 1st public hearing (held on November 10, 2016)
  11. NDC presentation for January 3, 2017, Council hearing
  12. NDC presentation for February 7, 2017, Council hearing
  13. NDC Memo on election sequencing for Feb. 21 Council hearing
  14. NDC presentation for February 21, 2017, Council hearing
  15. NDC Memo on election sequencing March 3 update.

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